Saturday, August 21, 2010

Progress report #18

(Please excuse the fact that I desperately need a pedi and my nail polish has been chipping off for like 2 months now lol)

Well, I did it. I'm now 178 and 50 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I'm 69 pounds down from the day I delivered. Too lazy to take pictures and measurements- been so busy lately I'm tired all the time and lethargic any time I get some down time lol

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Progress reports #16 & #17

I know, I know. I'm slacking on the blog front. But I'm not really seeing any results right now, so it's hard to care. So for now, I'll just report that last week, I was 179 pounds, and this week I'm..... 179 pounds. Whoopdeedoo. I'll do pictures and measurements again when I feel like I've actually accomplished something. Like one more pound, which will bring me down to 178, or 50 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. It's just out of my reach right now. However, I'm getting sick. The same tonislitis kinda shit that I had back in March where my throat closed up to the point where I could barely drink water. So if this hits me full-force like it did then, I might just get to 178 for sheer lack of ability to swallow. Awesome. Right now my throat is only half closed. But then again, I only started feeling any discomfort yesterday morning. Ugggh. I feel like crap.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Progress report #15

Still 180. Noticing more muscle tone, and my belly's starting to curve in on both sides now. I don't feel like taking pictures or measurements this week. I don't know if much has changed. Maybe things will be better next week.

I've been doing upper body workouts after taking over a month off because of my trapezius, and as soon as I started using the muscle at all, it's now killing me. My neck, trap, and shoulder are on fire. My MRI didn't reveal anything, except for some very minor degeneration in some of the disks in my neck. And now I don't have health insurance, so not sure what I'm gonna do. Heat doesn't help. Ice doesn't help. IcyHot doesn't help. Annoying.