Sunday, August 1, 2010

Progress report #15

Still 180. Noticing more muscle tone, and my belly's starting to curve in on both sides now. I don't feel like taking pictures or measurements this week. I don't know if much has changed. Maybe things will be better next week.

I've been doing upper body workouts after taking over a month off because of my trapezius, and as soon as I started using the muscle at all, it's now killing me. My neck, trap, and shoulder are on fire. My MRI didn't reveal anything, except for some very minor degeneration in some of the disks in my neck. And now I don't have health insurance, so not sure what I'm gonna do. Heat doesn't help. Ice doesn't help. IcyHot doesn't help. Annoying.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the trapezius muscles! I would just say rest, rest, rest, if possible. Can you do something that isn't as jarring on your back and neck muscles so that you don't slide back into being less active...maybe take a few weeks resting those muscles and then start swimming to begin working them again? I don't know...not a trainer, just a yoga teacher:-)