Friday, July 23, 2010

Progress report #14

So I did better this week. Only 5 pounds to go until I reach my short-term goal! I will take pictures and measurements this week. The only thing that sucks is that my benchmark jeans were washed. And dried. So now the fibers in the fabric have tightened up and they're gonna be smaller than they were before. I'm kinda mad that my whole experiment with the benchmark jeans is pretty much ruined now, but I can't knock the hubs for doing laundry- I'm lucky to have him! I guess I'll just have to start over with the jeans, or omit them altogether. I haven't tried them on yet (just found them in the clean laundry hamper), so I'll decide what I'm gonna do after I see how they fit.

Ok. I put the jeans on. They're like, a whole size smaller. The dryer really works wonders when it comes to stretch denim. lol I guess I'll just re-start my jeans experiment from here. I mean, you saw what it looked like at the beginning in those jeans- serious muffin top. It's much better than that now, so that's what really matters.

Here are my measurements this week:

Bicep: 13"
Bust: 44.5"
Under bust: 36"
Waist: 34.25" (↓ .25")
Belly: 36.5" (↓ .75")
Hips: 43.5"
Thighs: 25"
Calves: 15.5"

And the pictures:

Two weeks ago
This week
Two weeks ago
This week
Two weeks ago
This week

Slow and steady....

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  1. You're doing great! I understand your frustration about the leftover skin... I've tried everything!!