Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Progress report #13

I know, I know. It's late. And guess what? There are no pictures or measurements, either. So sue me. lol

When I weighed in on Friday, I was still 183. But things have been super hectic around here. Two Saturdays ago (July 10), we went to look at a house that just came on the market. Mind you, we've been looking for a year, and the houses we really liked got snatched up while hubby was away doing his military stuff. Well, this house was PERFECT for us, so we put an offer in that day. Our offer was accepted, we had to go do all the mortgage paperwork, and tomorrow is our home inspection. We're super excited and really hoping the inspection turns out OK. The whole house has been redone- it has new everything - but it was built in the 1860s. The basement looks ok, but we're no experts on basements, and we couldn't get into the pulldown attic when we looked at the house because there was no string or chain on it. I'm really praying that there's nothing wrong with the basement or attic.

Since we've been so busy, I was pretty run down last week and only made it to the gym twice. That would probably explain the lack of weight loss, plus the fact that we ate out like 3 times during the week because we were pressed for time. I didn't eat anything really crappy, but restaurant food always has a whole lot of sodium in it for no reason.

On top of all this, I've been getting kinda depressed about my body the last couple days. Just like I predicted in the beginning, I've lost the most from the two places I actually liked (chest and butt), and the least from the one place I needed to lose it (my belly). I feel like I have the ass of a middle aged woman now. Before, it was nice and round and popped out, and now I feel like it's just flat and ugly. I've also lost two cup sizes. I went from an H to an F. Granted, my boobs are still larger than average, but they seem so small compared to what they were. Plus, now that there's not as much filling them out, they seem so... I don't know. Loose? That just sounds weird. Old lady-ish? Well, whatever I'm trying to say... They sure as hell weren't perky to begin with (the force of gravity is a bitch), and now they just look... depressed. All I wanted to begin with was lipo on my belly and to leave everything else how it was, but just tone it up. But now I'm probably gonna need breast and ass implants before this shit hits the floor. lol

Anyhow, I'm back on track this week (and already dropping more weight, which I hope continues until I weigh in on Friday.)

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