Saturday, August 14, 2010

Progress reports #16 & #17

I know, I know. I'm slacking on the blog front. But I'm not really seeing any results right now, so it's hard to care. So for now, I'll just report that last week, I was 179 pounds, and this week I'm..... 179 pounds. Whoopdeedoo. I'll do pictures and measurements again when I feel like I've actually accomplished something. Like one more pound, which will bring me down to 178, or 50 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. It's just out of my reach right now. However, I'm getting sick. The same tonislitis kinda shit that I had back in March where my throat closed up to the point where I could barely drink water. So if this hits me full-force like it did then, I might just get to 178 for sheer lack of ability to swallow. Awesome. Right now my throat is only half closed. But then again, I only started feeling any discomfort yesterday morning. Ugggh. I feel like crap.

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