Friday, April 9, 2010

And the challenge begins...

Today's surgery went well. I was out of the operating room in less than 90 minutes and they were able to do the surgery laparoscopically. I have 3 incisions- one by my navel, one below my sternum, and the other at waist level on the right side. They don't hurt too bad. I tried to change the way I was holding little man earlier (my mom brought him over to me- I didn't pick him up and carry him), and I felt a pull on the incision on my side, so it's felt a little more tender than the others. I might feel them more tomorrow, or maybe it'll stay the same. I can't really remember how the incisions felt for my 2 pelvic laparoscopies. But boy do I remember what the trapped gas felt like. Ouch! NOT looking forward to that. I'm trying to get up and moving as much as possible (I find it easier to move with where these incisions are, compared to the pelvic surgeries).

And here's where things start to get tricky- now I won't have excruciating pain anytime I eat a normal amount of fat. I should pretty much be able to eat whatever I want. The good thing is, this gives me more protein options. Now I can eat peanut butter and beef, which I wasn't able to eat before. I was limited to chicken and turkey breast. But now I really have to kick my willpower into high gear. For dinner tonight, I had a baked pork chop, even though I'm not really big on pork chops. But it was something DIFFERENT for once, and I couldn't get to the store to get anything I really wanted. Like tacos would be nice, with really lean ground beef, low-fat cheese, and lots of lettuce as a filler. I'm going to start looking for recipes that allow me to change up the flavors of my meats while still keeping them lean and not compromising on taste.

I'll also look for recipes that allow me to make usual comfort foods (like macaroni and cheese, au gratin potatoes, desserts) in low-calorie forms. It's possible, but it's probably going to be a process of trial and error before I find ones I really like and will make again. Let's face it - with a lot "good for you" recipes, the picture they provide looks WAY more flavorful than the dish actually tastes! So the hunt is on for some good recipes.

Today on the way home from the hospital, I had my mom stop at the vitamin store so I could get some Muscle Milk Light to really boost my protein during the day. I wanted the Cake Batter flavor, but all they had was Strawberry Milkshake, so I got it, and it's pretty good. I also need to work some more fiber into my diet and make my carbs really count.

Now to just wait until I can go to the gym. *sigh*

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