Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Missed a day, but back on track

Yesterday, I was sick as a dog. I woke up feeling like I was gonna puke, and did. Once. Then a short time later, started getting stabbing pains in my stomach and abdomen that lasted all day. I threw up again (once) before I went to bed. Today, my belly hurt, but it was more of a sore hurt, like from my muscles contracting so much with the pains.

But I hit the gym today and did upper body. Here's what I did:

Bike 15 min @ 85-100 rpm; 5.5 mi
Triceps press 3x15 @ 50 lbs
Biceps curl 3x10 @ 40
Shoulder press 2x8 @ 30
Row 3x10 @ 40
Lat pulldown 3x10 @ 50
Chest press 2x10 @ 40
Fly 2x10 @ 50

My arms will probably feel like noodles in about an hour. lol

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