Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleared for surgery, and another funny message.

Finally. I've been cleared to have my gallbladder surgery, which I desparately need- last night my gallbladder was acting up, even though my diet has remained the same and I haven't eaten anything new. It was so frustrating. It wasn't a full blown attack, but more of a threat or a message from that little sac of bile. The pain started at 11 pm, so I went to sleep, since that's the only way I can escape the pain. I woke up at 12:30 and it was still there, so I had to force myself back to sleep. When little man woke up to eat at 4:30 am, the pain was still there. It wasn't as bad as it had been, but still lingering nonetheless.

So, my surgery is scheduled for this Friday (April 9). Hopefully everything goes well and I recover quickly. It's felt so good to be able to be up and active this past week, and I don't want to stop. If all goes as planned (which I've learned nothing ever does! lol), I should be in the gym within a few weeks to really get this whole thing started.

I went for a 35-minute walk today with Marius and Fame, and it was nice. I'm definitely feeling it in my calves and quads, but it's a much welcomed feeling! As for the weight loss, I'm down to 208 pounds. I'm offically 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. When I weighted in on FatSecret yesterday, I got this message: "You are losing weight at a rapid rate: 7.0 lb/week. Select OK to accept your new weight or Cancel to enter an alternate value." Apparently they thought it could be a mistake, which makes me feel good!

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