Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another good day

I'm loving going to the gym! (Both for the exercise and the people watching). Yesterday, I saw a really obese man on the recumbent bike. You'd think "Good for him!", right? Wrong. He was just sitting on the bike, feet on the floor, doing nothing but watching TV for over half an hour (could have been longer, but I stopped paying attention. Plus, he was there when I got there.) And then there was the other end of the spectrum- the aneroxic girl. I'm not kidding. She looked like a Holocaust survivor. She was on the treadmill the whole time I was there (an hour), fully inclined, about 4 mph. You could see all the vertebrae in her upper back and neck where her tank top didn't cover. Her shoulders were bony and knobby, and her "biceps" were the size of my wrist. Perhaps "biceps" is the wrong word. Maybe "humerus" would be better, since it didn't even look like her bones had any muscle on them. She was holding onto the bar in front of her while she power walked up her steep hill, and I was so afraid that the ball joints in her shoulders were going to pop out, and her arms would be torn from her body as she flew off the end of the treadmill. I could just picture a crumpled, armless heap of bones on the floor, and a pair of arms hanging from the bar on the treadmill.

Anywho.... here's what I did today:

Bike 15 min- 85-100 rpm; 5.4 mi
Calf extension 3x10 @ 50 lbs
Leg curl 2x10 @ 50
Leg press 3x10 @ 70
Hip adduction 3x10 @ 90
Hip abduction 3x10 @ 100
Glutes 2x10 @ 60 (for each side)

For the first 2 weeks, I'm working on building some muscle. Then, I'll switch to lower weights and higher reps to go for stamina, endurance, and muscle tone and definition. But if I want definition, I need something to define first, hence the heavy lifting now. lol

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I'm at 200 pounds today, was 201 yesterday, so tomorrow might be the day I hit 199. I'm so excited to weigh myself in the morning!

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