Wednesday, June 16, 2010

" can happen if you step out of your own way."

The other day at the library, I checked out Queen Latifah's new book Put on Your Crown, but had another book to finish before I started it. Well, tonight I cracked it open and it's great! What I love about Queen Latifah is that she's down to earth, confident about herself despite criticism, and really speaks the truth. I would kill to be able to hang out with her for just an hour.

The last few days, I've been feeling really down about myself. I don't know why. Maybe it stems from the new birth control I'm on? I think part of it comes from the fact that my weight loss has been stalled for several days now, even going up a little, even though I haven't exceeded 1400 calories on any given day, and I'm working my ass off every day at the gym. It's so stressful, and I've just been feeling so blah the last few days to the point where going to the gym has almost felt like a chore. I feel better once I'm there and am into my workout, but the motivation to start has kind of been lacking lately. It probably doesn't help that I've been having wicked headaches- that's enough to make anyone feel lethargic.

Here's today's workout:

Bike 15 min @ 100-120, 5.66 mi
Back extension (bench) 2x15
Hip abduction 1x15 @ 100, 2x20 @ 50
Hip adduction 1x15 @ 100, 2x20 @ 50
Leg press 1x15 @ 70, 2x20 @ 35
Leg extension 1x15 @ 30, 2x20 @ 15
Leg curl 1x15 @ 40, 2x20 @ 20
Calf extension 1x15 @ 70, 2x20 @ 35
Glutes 1x15 @ 60, 1x20 @ 30 (per side)
Ab curl 1x15 @ 80, 5x20 @ 50

When I was on the back extension bench today, my feet ended up too far up the foot plates, and I pulled my hamstring a little behind my left knee. I've got ice on it now, and will hit it with heat later. No back extension bench tomorrow. Good thing tomorrow is upper body so I won't have all that stress on my legs...

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  1. Have you added in that the muscle you're building while working out will make you pack on some weight?? So it's not "bad" weight, it's the good weight!