Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mmmm... Pretzels!!

(sorry, Sumer!)

Since my weight stalled again, I decided to get a pretzel (ok, two) at the mall today, since last time I was stalled, I ate a pretzel and the weight started coming off again. But Sumer wasn't there this time, so maybe the conditions weren't right to induce weight loss. lol Or, more likely, eating the pretzel and then losing weight was probably just a coincidence, and now I'm going to gain 5 pounds instead. lol

But, I did my normal workout, plus a bunch of stuff at PT today, and still was well under 1400 calories for the day, so I guess it's not so bad...

Here's today's workout:

Bike 15 min @ 100-120 rpm, 5.5 mi
Biceps curl 1x10 @ 25, 2x15 @ 17.5
Triceps extension 3x20 @ 20
Chest press 3x15 @ 20
Ab curl 1x15 @ 80, 5x20 @ 50
Fly 1x15 @ 40, 2x20 @ 20
Lat pulldown 1x15 @ 50, 2x20 @ 30
Row 3x20 @ 30
Triceps press 1x15 @ 75, 2x20 @ 35

Plus, I did lots of shoulder/triceps stuff and some work on the ball at PT.

1 comment:

  1. You...... suck! I probably won't even be able to run over to the mall today as I have a doctors appointment at 3:45 ... maybe I will but I hate running up there and chancing getting caught in after work traffic....ugh...

    Im glad you had... and enjoyed the damn pretzel.

    Yay for wednesday!! Kylief comes home!!