Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PT and Barbie weights...

My physical therapist had me do some exercises today with 2-pound weights and a resistance band. I was bugging her about needing to do upper body at the gym, and she said I could probably try it today, but at lower weights. I felt like Olive Oyl doing my workout with Barbie weights. I mean, c'mon- pulldown at 30 lbs?? What kind of weakling does that? lol I felt like an ass. My fingers are a tiny bit tingly, but not bad. I iced my trap/shoulder area after my workout, and now I'm gonna put some heat on it. We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

Here's today's girly workout:

Recumbent bike 2.5 min @ 95-100 rpm, 1.9 mi (I wanted the upright bike, but they were all taken when I got there, so I switched when one opened up.)
Upright bike 13 min @ 100-110 rpm, 2 min sprint @ 125-130 rpm, 5.75 mi
Triceps extension 3x15 @ 20 lbs
Row 3x10 @ 30
Pulldown 3x10 @ 30
Triceps press 3x10 @ 30
Fly 2x15 @ 20
Ab curl 1x15 @ 70, 5x20 @ 40
Biceps curl 3x15 @ 10

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