Friday, May 7, 2010

Progress report #3

Ok, so the scale has yet to dip below 200. Yes, it's frustrating, but I know I'm building muscle, so I can't be too pissed off about it. The more important thing is that I FEEL better. I FEEL stronger. I FEEL more toned. And hey- I've only been working out for 2 weeks! I can't expect to see a huge drop in weight right off the bat. I've already lost quite a bit (close to 30 lbs!) just from diet alone, and I'm proud of myself for that.

Here are this week's measurements:

BICEP: 14.5" (↓ .25")
BUST: 47" (↓ .5")
UNDER BUST: 38" (↓ .5")
WAIST: 37.75" (↓ .25")
BELLY: 41" (↑ .5")
HIPS: 46.75"
THIGHS: 27" (↓ .25")
CALVES: 15.75"

Gradual changes, but changes nonetheless.

Here are this week's pics compared to last week's:
Last week
This week
Last week
This week

Do I look any darker than I did before? I don't think so. Maybe a tiny bit. This tanning thing is going to take a loooooong time. lol

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