Monday, May 3, 2010

The start of week 2 and a new supplement

So I've been looking into fat burning supplements, and after doing some reseach and consulting with my doctor, I decided to start taking CLA. I was originally looking into Lipo 6, but found that a lot of these fat burners shouldn't be taken by people with thyroid problems, because they can affect thyroid function. CLA is just a fatty acid, with no other herbs or ingredients that might affect my thyroid. I started taking the CLA today before my workout, so we'll see how I feel on it.

My abs right at the bottome of my ribcage are still sore from my last workout, which is kind of bothering me. None of my other muscles have stayed sore this long, so I don't know if maybe I overdid it and maybe irritated the area around my incision there, or if my abs were just so weak that even a little bit of exercise had them saying "What the hell is this?" Probably the latter, since nothing actually hurts, and the incision area isn't painful or sore to the touch. Just a case of weak springs, I guess. lol

Here's today's workout:

Bike 17 min (16 min @ 85-95 rpm; 1 min sprint @ 118 rpm); 6.8 mi
Leg press 3x15 @ 50 lbs
Hip adduction 3x20 @ 50
Glutes 3x15 @ 45 (per side)
Hip abduction 3x20 @ 70
Leg extension 3x15 @ 25
Leg curl 3x15 @ 25
Calf extension 3x15 @ 35

Hopefully my abs have recovered by the time I have to do upper body on Wednesday! I'm gonna try to increase my cardio by a few minutes every week, and I'm transitioning from muscle building to muscle toning workouts this week, so by the end of the week I'll be on a good lower weight/higher rep routine. Maybe I'll see 199 this week. We'll see.

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