Saturday, May 22, 2010

Progress report #5

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I had a really fun girls shopping day with Sumer and then went to the gym, so I was pretty tired. I'm no longer stalled at 201 pounds. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 199. This morning I was 197.6. Hopefully I'm back to consistent weight loss and this isn't a fluke. Funny thing is, I treated myself to some junk food at the mall yesterday- I had one of those delicious buttery-tasting soft pretzels. YUM! I haven't had one since... December? January? One of those two. Every time we went to the mall when I was pregnant, I would eat 2 or 3 of those damn pretzels. lol I thought they were a lot more calorie-laden than they really are. I figured it would be about 500 calories for one pretzel, but it's only 330. Well, not "only" as in 330 is nothing, but it sure beats 500.

I had my blood drawn yesterday, so I'll find out if PCOS is the problem in about a week.

I'm not going to the gym today- I think I have a pinched nerve and it hurts. It's right in the area where my trapezius muscle meets my neck on the left side. Last night my left wrist and hand started losing feeling. The only thing I can think that could have caused it is pressure from the straps of my workout bras. Some are racerback and some have regular straps (I wear 4, plus a bra tank). I think the combination of the tightness of the bras and the weight of my boobs has been slowly cutting off the nerve. But there's nothing I can do about it- it's not like I can go without them, and I don't have enough support as it is, so I can't afford to take any off. Oh well.

I'll start with yesterday's workout:

Bike 14 min @ 100 rpm, 1 m in sprint @ 130-140 rpm, 5.75 mi
Triceps press 1x15 @ 60 lbs, 2x20 @ 30
Fly 1x15 @ 40, 2x20 @ 20
Chest press 1x15 @ 20, 2x20 @ 10
Back extension 1x15 @ 80, 2x20 @ 60
Biceps curl 1x15 @ 20, 2x20 @ 10
Triceps extension 1x15 @ 30, 2x20 @ 20
Lat pulldown 1x15 @ 50, 2x20 @ 30
Row 1x15 @ 40, 2x20 @ 25
Shoulder press 2x20 @ 10

Here are this week's measurements:

Bicep: 14.25" (↓ .25")
Bust: 46.5"
Under bust: 37.25" (↓ .5")
Waist: 36.75" (↓ .5")
Belly: 41"
Hips: 46.25" (↓ .25")
Thighs: 26" (↓ .5")
Calves: 15.75"

Slow but steady wins the race, I guess...

And here are the pictures:

Last week
This week
Last week
This week
And here's another angle that I'll also be using from here on out for comparison

It's hard to see any difference. I probably should have been documenting my whole body with photos, the same way I do with measurements. Oh well. My belly is the ONE area I REALLY want to improve. I'm fine with everything else the way it is.

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